US Drift Circuit Driver Profile – JJ Naico

Driving the very recognizable Stok Nissan S13 in the Tandem class on the US Drift Circuit is the very personable and super chill JJ Naico. JJ is a member of South Florida based Street Legal Car Club and also drives for MyCulture ( As a kid, JJ grew up liking skateboarding, now a days however, he’s put down his board for his 240SX Hatch and the smell of tire smoke. Putting his car sideways and trying to control that sliding motion and having a great time are what fuel his love for drifting. And doing that along side his friends and loved ones is pretty much what he’d call an awesome day. You can expect to see him at round 3 of USDC on Sept. 28th at Sun Life Stadium. If you get a chance, swing by his pit area, say what’s up, and talk the fellow. You might just be surprised at the chill and positive vibe that he radiates. For more on JJ, and the US Drift Circuit logon to