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About Us

About US Drift Circuit

USDC is a sanctioning body created to promote drivers, professional drift competitions and drift demonstrations throughout the United States and around the world. USDC also serves to create, supervise, sanction, and organize professional drifting events, demonstrations and work in association with other professional motorsports organizations. The goals are for the constant evolution of all aspects of the sport of drifting. Some aspects include improving safety standards with more unified enforcement among all the current drift organizations around the world, sharing new ideas in safety innovations for tracks and vehicles. Disseminating important safety related data in an effort to alert other drift organizations of any new potential hazards. USDC is an advocate of professional and amateur drift programs, and takes a firm stance when it comes to setting the examples of safety, integrity, honesty, responsibility, and good sportsmanship.

Official Notice of Disclaimer

The rules within this document are created for everybody?s safety however abiding by these rules will not guarantee nor does it imply that injuries or death will not occur. USDC makes an effort to provide all participants with guidelines for a safe environment and will constantly look to ways of improvement. Despite strict rule enforcement and adherence, all participants must be aware that being present at any drift event presents the possibility of becoming critically or fatally injured, even by no fault of their own. If there are any questions or problems with these rules and regulations, it is the participant?s responsibility to immediately contact the USDC office before entering an official USDC event facility. This is by no means a definitive rule book and will under go constant evolution so please give us feedback and any ideas, also please let us know of any errors or mistakes you may find. This rule book may be updated at any time.

Safety Hazards

It is the responsibility of each participant to inspect all aspects related to the facility, rules, regulations, and/or instructions pertaining to the event (whether written or verbally stated). The participant is required to notify a USDC Official, without delay, of anything that appears to be a potential safety hazard to themselves or any other individual. Failure to comply with this rule will JANUARY 2009 ? USDC RULES AND REGULATIONS be cause for permanent ejection from all USDC sanctioned activities. Additionally, everyone involved should consider that no activity, facility, or system is 100% safe and secure, despite everyone?s best efforts. Therefore, each participant is hereby notified that grave and unforeseen danger may exist in any activity, at any event, automotive related or otherwise.