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US Drift Circuit COVID-19

  1. Prior to the Event, Customer shall be solely responsible for ensuring that the Event meets the current local and federal governmental orders and regulations. In the event the Event is not permitted by the then current rules, laws and regulations, then Customer shall collaborate with track management and Track?s government affairs team to work towards necessary governmental approvals.

US Drift Circuit LLC.? is monitoring local and federal guidelines, orders and regulations. Currently, there are no known requirements for special government/ local approvals in order to host the event.US Drift Circuit LLC. will ensure participants and organizers adhere to the current guidelines in effect at the time of the event.

  1. Prior to the commencement of the Event, Customer must coordinate with the Track?s emergency operations team to additionally discuss Customer?s emergency protocol and develop a contingency plan that addresses various COVID-19 scenarios that may impact the Event, as well as other non-COVID-19 related potential emergencies.

US Drift Circuit LLC. will establish, along with the Track?s emergency operations, a plan and protocol for multiple scenarios. Among the plans will be a designated location to safely isolate any entrant with suspected or known COVID-19 symptoms. All emergency situations will require a written report detailing the actionable scenarios.

A list of all event participants and their contact information will be maintained by the Chief Track Instructor and the Drivers Education Registrar for use in notifying appropriate individuals if an incident/occurrence arises related to COVID-19. The list will be provided to Track personnel and US Drift Circuit LLC.? personnel upon request. Track will determine which Sebring staff or administration members should be notified in the event of a COVID related occurrence and will provide customer with the list of appropriate names and contact information for them prior to the commence.

  1. Customer must restrict all groups to the gathering limitations set forth by applicable governmental authorities (including federal, state, and local governments and their agencies) prior to and during the Event. It is Customer?s responsibility to stay up to date with changes in the limitations and adhere to the most recent limitations provided.

US Drift Circuit LLC. will ensure that gathering limitations (including federal, state, and local governments and their agencies) will be adhered to throughout the event. Clear communication along with signage reminders will be posted and announced at frequent intervals within the track and via use of the track PA system along with Text messaging to participants. US Drift Circuit LLC. will designate specific members to observe and assist in enforcing the current limitations. At this time, it is anticipated that for each registrant, no more than 5 people will be allowed to gather. Participants will be required to wear mouth and nose covering when at a distance of less than 6 feet from others except while eating. If the participant does not have their own cloth face covering, a mask will be provided to them by US Drift Circuit LLC. If an individual is eating, a minimum distance of 6 feet should be maintained from other individuals. The exception to this is for people who live in the same household.

  1. Customer must follow CDC sanitization guidelines for individuals and any items that are handled by individuals before and after each use, as well as throughout the Event. Customer shall be responsible for properly sanitizing and/or may engage Track?s janitorial service to sanitize all areas of the Track facility used for Customer?s Event.

US Drift Circuit LLC. will adhere to all CDC guidelines as it relates to handled items. Any item that is to be reused or handled by more than 1 person will be properly sanitized with cleaners and disinfectants that meet or exceed minimum standards for sanitizing as set forth by the CDC. Hand sanitizer, consisting of at least 70% alcohol, will be available to participants at key locations. Examples: US Drift Circuit LLC. will provide each participant with an unused and or sanitized pen to sign waivers with if participant does not have their own. Communication radios will be used and covered with a plastic covering for each use. The covering will then be disposed of and replaced with a new covering for subsequent uses.

US Drift Circuit LLC. will coordinate and engage with the track janitorial crew as needed to maintain cleanliness of specific high touch areas \ and high traffic facilities within the track, i.e., bathrooms, stairwells, elevators.

  1. Customer shall make hand sanitizer and/or other CDC recommended disinfectant readily available to all Customer Invitees. Disinfectant shall similarly be readily available to any Customer Invitee who will handle equipment of any sort (i.e., writing implements, payment systems or other items that might be touched by multiple individuals).

US Drift Circuit LLC. will provide and make readily available hand sanitizers with 70% alcohol along with approved disinfectant wipes accessible and readily available for all participants by placing them in multiple locations. A member will be dedicated to, cleaning, observing and monitoring processes at our registration location.

  1. Customer Invitees must follow the CDC recommendations for hand washing/sanitizing and Customer must provide adequate resources

for following such recommendations.

Along with providing hand sanitizers and disinfectant wipes, signage will be posted at hand washing stations and additional high visibility areas regarding proper CDC guided handwashing techniques. Each day will begin with the morning meeting for which attendance is mandatory for everyone within the facility as an invitee. At that meeting, participants will be reminded of all the current guidelines which will include a focus on the importance of hand hygiene and verbal instructions on effective handwashing and infection prevention protocols will be provided.

  1. Customer must implement the recommended social distancing policy as dictated by the CDC and local and federal governmental?authority.

Social distancing will be strictly enforced by US Drift Circuit LLC. There will not be any class sessions or students. We have eliminated any student instruction and in car coaching for the event. Participants will drive their own car on track and will not be allowed to have a passenger. Immediate household members may gather in groups not to exceed 5. For others, no more than 2 people will be allowed to gather within a space that does not allow for a distance of at least 6 feet of space between individuals. Participants not adhering to the guidelines will be subject to expulsion from the track.

  1. All Customer Invitees must implement CDC and local and federal governmental authority recommendations on face masks/coverings and gloves and Customer shall be solely responsible for providing each Customer Invitee with adequate resources for following such guidelines.

US Drift Circuit LLC. will supply and make readily available disposable face masks and gloves to all participants. CDC guidelines for the use of protective coverings will be adhered to and enforced. We will strongly encourage all participants to wear mouth and nose coverings when interacting with others. The use of signage and verbal reminders will also be used throughout the event.

  1. Customer must follow all screening protocol and procedures in accordance with local rules, laws and regulations and CDC recommendations. In the event a Customer Invitee shows upon arrival or begins showing flu like symptoms before or during the Event, Customer must notify Track personnel immediately and send the individual to a designated quarantine zone and/or remove such Customer Invitee from the Event.

US Drift Circuit LLC. will engage with the Track staff and EMS workers at our expense to carry forth entrance screening. A designated location and process will be established ahead of the event (see response to #2).

All US Drift Circuit LLC. entrants/invitees will be made fully aware that should any of the guidelines not be adhered to the individual will be expelled from the event without refund.

A form will be signed by entrants acknowledging and releasing liability for the potential risks associated with attending the event as it relates to COVID 19. At this time, we are communicating with the US Drift Circuit LLC legal department in order to assist in the creation of the appropriate document.

Additional notes:

You MUST notify US Circuit if you test positive for COVID-19 1-14 days after the event.

Masks are mandatory. If you don?t bring one or refuse to wear one you will not be allowed to enter.

No sharing coolers,

No sharing of helmets

All Competitors and spectators will need to setup 10ft apart from where their tent or awning is setup.

You must purchase your ticket in advance. NO TICKETS WILL BE SOLD AT THE GATE.

Friends, Family and Crew: While spectating keep a 10 foot distance between groups of 5 people maximum. If you have a group of 6 spectate in 2 groups with a 10 foot distance from the next groups.(there will be plenty of areas to view from including the west side of turn 17)? ?