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US Drift Circuit and its staff reserve the right to interpret and enforce the following rules as necessary; by purchasing a driver’s ticket, drivers acknowledge that they have read, understood, and meet the rules. If you do not pass tech, you will be given time to fix the problem, but no refunds will be given.

1. Drivers must wear long pants; shoes that cover the entire foot; helmet must meet Sa2015 or higher specs.

2. Fire extinguisher must be present and full.

3. Cages are not mandatory but highly encouraged.

4. Vehicle must be free of excessive leaks.

5. If the battery, fuel tank, and/or radiator are moved within the driver compartment, they must be separated by a bulkhead that does not use the trunk/hatch as part of its closing mechanism.

6. All wheel lug nuts must be present.

7. Foot pedal must operate all four brakes.

8. If a vehicle is a convertible, it must have at least a 4-point roll bar.

9. Stock seat belts are allowed; if using safety harnesses, these must be installed appropriately using at least a harness bar.

10. Vehicle must be free of loose items.

11. Battery must be securely tied down (no bungee cords), and the positive terminal must be covered.

12. Seats must be securely mounted.

13. Windshield must be free of cracks or holes.

14. Respect the pits; no speeding, burnouts, or aggressive driving.